Aquarium Accessories


Air Pumps

We have different varieties of air pumps available with us from different manufacturers and different types.
Single outlet,multiple outlet,varying volumes etc. Come and select an air pump according to your needs.

Starting from Rs.90/-


Sponge Filters

A must have for any Aquarium environment to be maintained cleaned without the use of any power filters. These sponges are a great place for helpful bacteria to grow and help maintain the Aquarium water. We provide only Quality Filters in various sizes.

Starting from Rs.80/-


Power Filters

Power Filters are an essential aquarium accessory to keep the larger particles of waste and other particles to be cleaned from the Tank. Power Filters cum in various sizes and Volume Capacities, choose from our varied collection depending on your needs.

Starting from Rs.150/-


External Filters

External Filters are small drum like boxes which contain variuos sponges and materials which help in cleaning large as well as smaal particles from an Aquarium tank. These Filters are recommended for larger Tanks. These filters reduce the need for constant water chnges in the Tank. External Filters come in various sizes depending on the Output Volume. We have External Filters from Leading brands such as Dolphin, Tetra, Boyu,etc.

Price: On Demand


Submersible Lights

These are aquarium lights which you can place under water without worrying about getting a shock!
These lights come in various colors, red, blue, green, yellow, white and multi coloured. We have submersible lights in two sizes, 10" and 20".

10" - Rs.200/-
20" - Rs.250/-


Aquarium Heaters

Maintaining a constant temperature in an Aquarium Tank can be very helpful in keeping the fish healthy and active and reduce the risk of many diseases. Heaters come in various power outputs, 50W, 100W, 200W, 250W, 300W, etc. We only keep the best Quality Heaters from branded companies like RishengElectricals, Sobo, Boyu, etc

200W - Rs.250/-
250W - Rs.300/-
300W - Rs.350/-


Automatic Food Dispenser

The Automatic Food Dispenser feeds your fishes pellets or flakes as per the time settings that you ave provided. This ensures that you do not have to worry about your fish goin hungry on your short trips out of town. We are one of the few stores where such an item is available in Mumbai.

Price: Rs.650/-


UnderGravel Filter

Under Gravel filters are placed under on or two inches of gravel which helps in maintaing the gravel in the tank. These filters can be cut to size according to the size of your Aquarium Tank. A must have for any planted Tank.

2ft x 1ft - Rs.150/-


Partition Clips

We provide best quality partiton clips for separting aggressive fishes in your tank that do not loose thier suction capacity with time. We have two types of partition clips available, the normal suction clips and a brand new design which does not allow gaps between the partition and Tank glass.

Price:(for pairs)
Suction - Rs.60/-
New - Rs.80/-


Various Accessories

Besides all the mentioned above, we also provide smaller Aquarium accessories such as Air Stones, Air Pipes, Connecters, Speed Regulators, Aquarium Decor, Nets, etc. all available with us in reasonable prices. Please visit us for checking out our entire stock of Aquarium Accessories.

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